Beneath the foundation of a London fast food establishment that had been shut down because the “C” in KFC, it seems, stood for “cat,” the ruins of an obscure Elizabethan era theater known as "The Quill" were found and inside it a Quarto handwritten by Will Shakespeare himself.

Inside those glorious pages lived  many of the beloved characters we remember as the lifeblood of Shakespeare's greatest play but few of the same events we  know from the classic edition.

This was surely an early draft of the work that came to be called "Hamlet" but here was titled "Hamlet vs. Goodzilla." 

An attached playbill included an interview with Shakespeare in which he pisses on the Royal Arts Constabulary, a patron organization that insisted on changes in the original draft to make Prince Hamlet more likable.   

The famed scholar, Francis Bacon, noted the play’s departure from standard poetic meter into something he called iamb-ish pentameter.

Shakespeare dictated that the role of Goodzilla be played by a non-actor, actually a garrulous reptile known as the Geckard.  But because the Geckard extincted itself by being perfectly adapted as a sword scabbard and later a decorative umbrella stand cover, it is no longer available to interpret the part of the Beast.  

It’s  a disturbing story turned celebrated film trailer.  Enjoy it.  I insist.




The mysterious history of a newly discovered literary treasure.